Sliding Door / Lead Line Doors


Shiv Shakti Fabricator has wide range of Automatic Sliding Doors has been well-developed and perfectly harmonized. They set new benchmarks in terms of safety, durability, operating comfort and noise - free operation. We manufacture this type of customised doors for Residential and Industrial Purpose as per requirements.

Shivshakti Fabricators is one the leading manufacturer and supplier for Lead Line Door or Sliding Door in India which is used for X-Ray Room Protection. This protection extends through the door frames, forming an effective barrier to radiation in all directions.


  • Designed specifically to close larger opening dimensions.
  • Perfect solution for wide and extra large door openings.
  • In house design and product manufacturing so suit customized requirements.
  • Optionally with Top Track & Bottom track for smooth operation.
  • Wide range of different appearance as double skin insulated panels and single skin also.
  • Insulated options such as Polyurethane Foam (PUF), Honey Comb, Glass Wool and Rock wool interlocking facility available between two doors.
  • Highly impact resistant and corrosion proof.
  • Customized application: Manual, Automatic, Interlocking, Hemetic Sealed, Lead Lined.
  • Excellent resistance to most disinfectants, solvents and other strong chemicals including H202.
  • Wide range of factory fitted hardware, vision panels and door protection.
  • Naturally environmentally-friendly:long life expectancy.
  • Low life cycle cost.
  • Overview
  • Technical Specifications

Sliding Doors (Manual / Automatic)

The doors are designed to separate fire areas within a building or protect the means of egress in the event of a fire, thereby limiting its spread. Sliding fire doors are typically large steel panels hung by rollers on an inclined rail or track.

Sliding fire doors are very useful in a wide range of spaces where larger openings are required to allow for heavy traffic.

Sliding fire doors are suitable for a range of residential, commercial, and industrial applications. Sometimes a conventional side-hung door is not feasible, particularly where large openings are required in walls to allow for the efficient movement of plant or equipment, people, vehicles and machinery. And in these cases sliding fire doors are perfect.

These kinds of fire doors are usually kept open and only close in the event of a fire, hence they must be linked to an emergency system that automatically activates if a fire, smoke or warning system/ alarm is triggered.

Single leaf sliding doors – These are most ideal for building with limited entryway space or that require fire doors to be installed in tight corridors.

Double or bi-parting sliding doors – These fire doors are ideal for doors and passageways that may be larger, but that still have limited space and cannot incorporate hinged doors.

Parallel or triple sliding doors – Parallel or triple sliding doors are excellent solutions if you are facing a lack of space, since these doors can act as a makeshift wall or divider in the space.

Design Highlights:

  • Available in Galvanized, Mild Steel and Stainless Steel.
  • Available with Fusible Link (Wire Rope) System and BMS System.
  • Suitable for Large Opening and Heavy Movement of Vehicle and Material.
  • Label Doors for 60 & 120 Minutes.
  • Adhering to BS 476: Part 20 & 22; IS: 3614 Part-II Standards.
  • CBRI Roorkee Tested.
  • Clear Vision lite for up to 120 Minutes fire rating.
  • Factory prepped to receive all type of hardware.
  • High Aesthetic and Robust Structure.
  • Factory finished for Primer and Paint Finish.

Technical Specification - Sliding Fire Doors


FIRE DOORS (120 Minutes) - (CONFORMS TO IS: 3614 (PART - II), 1992 & BS: 476 (PART 20 & 22)

This type of door is fabricated from GI / MS sheet having thickness of 18 SWG with overall panel thickness of 40 / 42 mm. Mineral Wool is used as an infill material to provide with integrity, stability and insulation. This door can be made in Single leaf or Double leaf (Bi-parting Door) or depending upon the requirement and suit the application and conditions prevailing at site. This door comprises of Sliding Rail to guide the panel, fusible link (fire rated at 68 deg.C), wire rope, bottom rollers to guide the panel at the bottom, counter weights etc. This door is always kept into open position and at the time of fire break, fusible link melts which allows the counter weight hung to the wire rope to pull the panel automatically close and to prevent fire from spreading further. Standard accessories are included in the supply.


The door are primed with Zinc-Phosphate Stoving Primer and finished with two coats of Polyurethane paint as required up to a minimum of 70 microns.

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